Welcome to Alinta Energy

We'd like to tell you about a few changes we've made. Along with a new look we have a new approach to working with you - to be more helpful, more transparent and more reliable, so that we can keep energy fair for all Australians. That means we'll answer your questions without the company spin, explain your bill in simple terms and work to make energy more affordable. We will provide innovative energy solutions and we'll share with you our plans for the future of cleaner, more environmentally-friendly energy. So whether its someone working in one of our power stations in regional Australia, or the consultant you speak to when you call us with a query, all across Australia, the Alinta Energy team is working together to keep energy fair. Alinta Energy. Keeping it fair.

A bit about us

Alinta Energy is a diverse, yet established energy company with a long history in operations, investments, and assets across Australia and New Zealand. We serve more than 700,000 residential and commercial & industrial energy customers (natural gas and electricity), operate nine power stations with more than 2,500MW of installed capacity, manage fuel sources and transportation, and ensure competitive prices through our wholesale market operations. We employ around 780 people at 14 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Our challenge is to make energy more affordable

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