Large & Small to Medium Businesses 

At Alinta Energy, right up front, we want to make a deal with you.

A deal to be fair. A deal to be straight forward. A deal to do what we say we’ll do. To create a business solution that works for you and your business
We’ll talk honestly, surprisingly so at times, about where energy comes from, how much it costs and how together we can make a difference. We’ll debunk the myths. We’ll take the shock out of bills by making them understandable.  

We promise to make doing business easy. Alinta Energy is proudly Australian and we want to keep energy fair for all Australians.

A dedicated business team

Your business is unique, that’s why at Alinta Energy we have a dedicated local business team to work with you and your business to create a customised energy package. A plan specifically designed to suit your needs. A plan that’s simple, straightforward and affordable.

An established energy company

We have a long history of looking after the energy needs of WA businesses.

We have established gas products and services in place. Our electricity is generated using wind power and cogeneration technologies. We operate nine power stations, manage fuel sources and transportation and ensure competitive prices through our wholesale market operations.

Get a quote to find out how Alinta Energy can work with you and your business.