Port Augusta Power Stations

Alinta Energy's Port Augusta Power Stations are part of Alinta Energy's Flinders Operations Division and consist of two coal-fired power stations, the Northern Power Station and the Playford Power Station, both located in Port Augusta South Australia. They are supplied by the Leigh Creek coalfield located approximately 250km north of Port Augusta. 

Northern Power Station  

A 544MW first order base load power station, commissioned in 1985. It is the lowest conventional marginal cost generator in South Australia.

Playford Power Station

A 240MW intermediate power station, commissioned in 1963. A mid life refit and refurbishment was completed in 2005. Playford typically operates during the summer period when demand for electricity is greatest.

Leigh Creek Coal Mine

The Leigh Creek Mine supplies coal exclusively for Alinta Energy’s Port Augusta Power Stations. The coal is transported by train to Port Augusta which is approximately 250km south of the mine.  The train service is provided by Pacific National under contract.

More About the Flinders Operation

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