Flinders Operations

Closure of Flinders Operations
On 9 May 2016 Alinta Energy closed Flinders Operations, which encompassed Augusta Power Station (Northern and Playford B Power Station) and Leigh Creek Coal Mine in South Australia.
The difficult decision to close the Flinders business followed a detailed strategic review of the assets. This review determined that the Flinders business could not return to profitability due to a significant oversupply of power generation in South Australia as a result of falling electricity demand and significant growth in renewable energy in the state.
Alinta Energy made a commitment that the Flinders employees would remain the number one priority throughout the closure of the operations. And to that note, Alinta Energy committed over $3.5 million in funding to provide a suite of transitional support services to workers, in addition to the $75 million of redundancy benefits and entitlement packages. Alinta Energy continues to support employees post closure with the continued availability of training.
Alinta Energy continues to manage and operate the Leigh Creek Town and is working with SA Government to transition the town back to government.

For more information regarding the Flinders Operations, please visit the Flinders Power webpage: http://flinderspower.com.au/

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