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Read the latest information on electricity and natural gas including tips, hints, exclusive offers and recipes.

Healthy Summer Ice Blocks

Although you probably could have used these recipes a couple of months ago, better late then never! These ice blocks are not only healthy, they are delicious and very refreshing. As the temperature hits the high degrees it’s comforting to know you can reach in to the freezer and pull out something that will truly satisfy, with way less sugar than a commercially bought ice block.

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5 Edison fails that are kind of wins

Thomas Edison, born Feb 11 1847, is arguably one of the world’s greatest inventors with over 1000 patents, contributing the phonograph, camera and lightbulb and thereby significantly changing the modern world.

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How to find out how romantic you are

You might only know the love tester machine from it’s appearances in Moe’s Tavern in The Simpsons, but there was a real Love Tester machine that was an arcade hit in the days long before the internet.

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Impressively decadent Valentine’s Day dinner ANYONE can prepare

If you are not joining the packed out restaurants for Valentine’s Day this year, you could go one better and make the night special with this easy-yet-amazing gourmet dinner menu. 

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Why is electricity different around the world?

Electricity was first channelled into homes for lighting, and since then it has become a staple ingredient for heating, cooling, cooking, entertainment and even security.

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