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Decade of Technology: 1980s

The 80s marked a defining shift in the zeitgeist, for the first time technology became a huge part of our lives. Portable video games, mobile phones and home computers quickly spread, and many things that have come to define this iconic decade emerged: Pac-Man, Star Wars, hair spray, Rubik’s cube, Walkmans, synth music, ET, Super Mario and Ray Bans.

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Malaysian Lok Lok hot pot at home

Looking for an easy way to add some theatrics to your next family meal or dinner party? The night-time hawker markets in Malaysia are a bustling fast-paced eating zone that transforms the streets into an outdoor dining scene.

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Delicious clams, smoked bacon and apple-cider broth

This moreish dish combines the fresh light flavour of clams with the richness of bacon and the sweetness of cider to produce the perfect harmony of Autumnal flavours. Clams are one of the easiest ingredients to prepare and they cook in just minutes, meaning you can serve up a restaurant-quality meal in under 20 minutes.

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Is winter the enemy of solar power?

Short answer: no. Solar panels are installed in all climates around the world. It is common to think that solar panels are best suited to hot sunny climates (like Australia), but solar panels can actually perform better in cooler temperatures.

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Update your Taco skills - Grilled Chicken Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

Almost everyone likes tacos, mainly because you get to put whatever you want on them, they are easy to prepare and it’s a fun challenge to see who can eat the most. Taco night is a tradition in some homes because it’s a crowd pleasing family favourite option. 

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