Alinta Energy wins Mozo Experts Choice Award

Alinta Energy’s Fair Deal 20 electricity plan has received two Mozo Experts Choice Awards for providing best value to residents in NSW and SA.

The Mozo Experts Choice Awards is an initiative that helps Australians get a better deal on their energy bills by identifying those plans which provide the best value. Over 226 plans from 26 electricity providers were assessed for the inaugural Experts Choice Residential Electricity Awards by comparison site

“Energy costs are chewing up a significant portion of the household budget but the good news is that there are big savings for consumers who are prepared to switch to the most competitive electricity plans on the market,” says Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont.

“These Awards are designed to recognise the best value electricity plans available to residential customers right now.”

The calculated cost of each plan was based on single rate tariffs, and took into account data from different distributor areas within states, from households with low, medium and high electricity usage and from different time periods during 2016.

Calculations also included any guaranteed discounts and conditional discounts for things like paying on time, using direct debit, paying online or in advance, or e-billing.

Alinta Energy is continuously looking at ways we can make energy more affordable for all Australians and are honoured to receive an award which demonstrates this ongoing commitment.

If you would like to check that you’re on our best available plan, please call us on 133 702. Why not also let your friends know we’re happy to help them with our award winning energy offer.

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