A show of support

Alinta Energy is a diverse, yet established energy company with a long history in operations, investments and assets across Australia and New Zealand. We have a significant involvement with many local communities . Our longevity and sustainability is very much dependent on the strength of these relationships. We are mindful of the potential impact our operations have at a social, cultural, environmental and economic level.

A continuing dialogue

Extensive community consultation is an important part of every Alinta Energy power project development. Local communities including employees, contractors, the investment community, unions, governments, regulators and the media are involved during the early stages of each project. Consultation sessions provide a forum for dialogue between interested parties and allow concerns to be raised and addressed. Importantly, consultation continues when assets become operational.

A local workforce

Wherever possible we employ local people.The majority of Alinta Energy’s assets are located outside metropolitan areas. It is beneficial to both Alinta Energy and the communities to have a significant portion of employees established and living in these regions. This has a positive and sustainable economic impact on local communities in which we operate.


A way of giving back

In addition to our business contribution to the community, we are committed to a range of sponsorship and partnership programs. Here’s a quick snapshot of what we support:

Western Australia
Ronald McDonald House
UnitingCare West Food Rescue
Malya Yuturringu Film Festival
Friends of Webber Reserve
Meerilinga Young Children's Foundation

South Australia
Desert Fringe Festival
Tripolis Yacht Race
Port Augusta Special School
Port Augusta Cricket Association
Police Association in Port Augusta region